As the world is fighting the deadly coronavirus outbreak, everyone is trying their own bit to make others happy and especially children who are upset as there have been total lockdowns in several nations such as UK, India, US, Italy and Spain. In a happy news, two martial arts teachers from England dressed up as spiderman in order to cheer up the kids. Also Read - Good News! India's Oldest Covid-19 Survivor, Wife Discharged in Kerala

Two martial arts teachers named Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock were seen entertaining kids at Stockport, Lancashire, where they were doing acrobatic jumps and somersaults and other activities for the children over a week.

They became so popular that a Facebook group has been made online where people have been putting up requests for them to come to their neighbourhoods for a visit and entertain the kids.

“Spiderman follows strict government guidelines when out and about and always keeps social distancing in place. When you see him please shout from your window but do not come outside.” says the description of the group.

In the UK, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases is on the rise, with nearly 42,000 people testing positive across the country, as per the BBC report. The coronavirus outbreak across the globe has infected more than 1 lakh people and has killed over 69,000 people as of now. In India, it has taken more than 114 lives and has infected more than 3,800 people.

The major countries which have been heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak are China, Italy, United States of America, Spain and Germany.