Netizens have come up with new terms, Covidiot and maskhole, to describe people who are not taking basic precautions amid COVID-19 seriously and a woman on board the American Airlines bound for North Carolina from Ohio turned out to be exactly that. The afforementioned terms are being used for people who do not wear a mask properly when out in the public or are deliberately careless and casual about hygiene.Also Read - 5 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health During the Pandemic

In a video that currently went viral across the Internet, a woman was seen being asked by the flight crew to deboard, after she refused to wear a face mask inside the aircraft despite the rising cases of COVID-19. In an interview with Daily Mail, her co-passenger Jordan Slade shared, “She was argumentative from the gate. She demanded to be boarded first and was causing an obvious scene. Along with refusing to wear a mask, she was on constant phone calls and refused to comply with the crew when they asked her to switch off her phone.” Also Read - France's 'Vaccine Pass' Enters Into Force Barring Unjabbed From Restaurants, Tourist Site Amid COVID

Slade even recorded and shared the video on his TikTok handle and Instagram page, Passenger Shaming, and captioned it, “It’s all about that law and order…well…until it comes to the part where you need to wear a mask. A MASK. It’s the least you can do to be nice to your fellow humans.” Also Read - Viral Video: This Naughty Cat Playing Peek-a-Boo With a Sleeping Dog is The Cutest Thing Ever | Watch

As evident in the video, the woman shockingly preferred getting off the plane than prioritising her safety and being considerate of her fellow passengers while in the heart of a pandemic. Irritated at the passengers who cheered her deboarding, the woman said, “You can clap all you want” to which one of the passengers retorted, “Just leave. We have flights to get on.”
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