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C’mon everyone masturbates–including Obama! And yet nobody will talk about it openly. Agreed, there are certain things in life you wouldn’t want to give details accounts of. There are things which are very personal and meant to be kept that way. But regarding those things as bordering on sin is not just  ridiculous but downright dangerous. Masturbation is one such subject that can evoke reactions in the extremes.CHECK THIS OUT! Want to be a Porn Star like James Deen? Think again! (Watch video!) Also Read - Shameful! Bengaluru Man Masturbates in Front of Woman Journalist After Asking For Address

In this hilarious video when a girl tells her boyfriend that she masturbates and is not guilty about the act, the candid confession leaves the young man shell shocked. You are either changing clothes, locked in the bathroom taking that extra  time to…errr  to bathe well. But you never masturbate hah! Doesn’t really matter if you take 20 seconds or 20 minutes to get that instant glow on your face but you can’t run away from the fact that masturbation is a biological fact! Also Read - Something Fishy! Doctors Remove Dead Fish From Chinese Man's Rectum After He 'Accidentally Sat On It'