Needless to say, almost all matrimonial ads in India are highly sexist, casteist and regressive, and the demand for a ‘fair, slim, beautiful, educated,’ wife has remained consistent. However, with the changing times, some of the criteria for eligible brides are also changing. Also Read - 'Patriotic, Brahmin, Rich Bride Wanted': Twitterati Fumes Over Sexist & Ridiculous Matrimonial Ad

In one such ad that has generated quite a buzz on social media, a 37-year-old lawyer from West Bengal wants a bride ‘who is not addicted to social media’!

A newspaper clip of a matrimonial ad was posted on Twitter by IAS officer named Nitin Sangwan wherein the groom has shared his details and sought a bride who is ‘fair, beautiful, tall, slim’ (of course). The next criteria has left the internet in splits as it states that ‘bride must not be addicted to social media.’

”Prospective brides/grooms please pay attention. Matchmaking criteria are changing”, IAS officer Nitin Sangwan wrote on Twitter while sharing the pic.

The tweet has gone viral, with many commenting that in this day and age when almost everyone is hooked on to some or the other social media platform, the groom’s demand seems absurd.

Here is how some people reacted to the ad: 

Many thought it’s some kind of joke and others said that it will really be difficult for him to find such a life partner.

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