Remember the viral 10 year channel that took internet by storm that even celebrities from different regional industries to Bollywood to Hollywood took part in it? Well, now the netizens have come with new challenge, Me at 20, where they are supposed to post their decade old picture when they were 20-years-old with the hashtag #MeAt20. Also Read - Viral Photos: Switzerland's Matterhorn Mountain Illuminated in Tricolour to Show Solidarity to India Amid Cronavirus Outbreak

The challenge soon gained momentum and soon #MeAt20 started trending on Twitter and rather became the top trends of today. Also Read - Viral Video: Policeman Feeding Banana to Amputee Monkey is Exactly The Kind Note You Should Kickstart Your Weekend With!

Twitterati shared their hilarious pictures as 20-year-old and it will definitely make you go ROFL. While men pointed out that they had less hair on their face back then, girls pointed that they had time to dress up unlike now. Many even pointed out that how their college days went by as the times fly. Also Read - Brazilian Judge Appears Shirtless in Court Hearing During Work From Home, Video Goes Viral | Watch

Check out the reactions here:

The trend also inspired many memes in which people share pitures of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures.