A video of a blind man who regain his eyesight in Mecca, one of the holiest places of Muslims, after performing ‘namaz’ is going viral on social media. The viral video claims that an Egyptian Muslim man got his eyesight back after praying in Mecca’s Masjid al-Haram. The video is being share extensively on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.Also Read - 14-Year-Old Boy Sells Dahi Kachori at Roadside Stall in Ahmedabad, Internet Rallies Together to Help Him | Watch

In the video, a man is seen celebrating after apparently being cured of blindness. “I got my sight back again, God. Thank you God. Congratulation Hajj, Allahu Akbar,” says man in Arabic language. He then hugs and kisses other men around him who came to greet him. However the video quickly drew attention of netizens with thousand of social media faithful sharing the clip of the miracle. (ALSO WATCH: Sikh man removes his turban and uses it to rescue drowning dog) Also Read - Viral Video: Agra School Teachers Caught Dancing to 'Mainu Lehenga' Song in Classroom, Suspended | Watch

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First twist:

But the story doesn’t end here. As the story unfolded and more details surfaced, the touching tale gets replaced by a shameful narrative. According to local media house, the man wasn’t actually blind, but a professional their who was creating an opportunity to steal mobile phones or wallets of pilgrims.

Many keen observers, after watching the video, raised doubt over the claims of the man. Have look at this tweet.

It means: Thank god, an Egyptian’s sight returned yesterday at Mecca. But I have a question… The blind guy is wearing a watch on his hand.
Honestly I give up.

It’s uncommon for those who can’t see to wear wristwatches. Right? Many Arab newspapers claimed that the man was a professional pickpocket, but the story took another turn.

Second twist:

After the video went viral, a man who claimed to be the son of the man seen in the video posted a different version of the story, which was reported by the Huffington Post and other media house. A man called ‘Tamer Sayyed’ said his father had been suffering from a blood clot in only one of his eyes. He had prospect of permanently losing his sight, but it was cured at Mecca, not full-blown blindness. It wasn’t confirmed that the man that made the Facebook post was actually the son of the accused man.