Kasganj (Uttar Pradesh): With Covid-19 vaccination drive in full force across India, the rural population of the country is still hesitant or rather unaware of the importance of getting vaccinated. Many feel scared of taking the vaccine, while others assume that they will get high fever after getting vaccinated. However, a 96-year-old woman has overcome this fear and has became the face of vaccination drive in villages in UP’s Kasganj district when she took the jab and inspired others to shun hesitancy towards the much-needed vaccine.Also Read - From Free Bus Tickets to Fridges, Gifts Galore For People Getting Vaccinated in MP's Indore

When a joint team of administration, police and health department officials reached the Nagla Kadheri village in the district to vaccinate residents,  they faced stiff resistance and most villagers hid in their fields while others locked themselves in their homes. Meanwhile, Aadhaar Kumari, readily agreed to get vaccinated. After getting the jab, she called out to other villagers and convinced them to take the vaccine.

Tehsildar Ajay Kumar Yadav said, “Her appeal worked like magic and in the next few hours, all 176 residents over the age of 18 in the village had taken their shot.” Superintendent of Soron block community health centre, Harish Kumar Singh said, “We are thankful to Aadhaar Kumari for helping us out. It was on her appeal that residents voluntarily took their first dose.”

The elderly woman, who lives alone since her son abandoned her years ago, said, “I wanted to set an example instead of giving sermons about the vaccine. I am not educated but I know that this will help save people.”

Recently, a video had gone viral on social media showing an elderly woman hiding behind a drum inside her house during a door-to-door vaccination drive in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah.  As the team reached Har Devi’s house, she first hid behind a door and then took shelter behind a large drum in the house, in a bid to avoid getting vaccinated. The video of the incident shows the woman utterly terrified as she hides behind the drum and refuses to come out. After a lot of convincing, the woman finally agreed to come out and even got vaccinated that same day, after meeting the MLA.

(With Inputs from IANS)