Mannargudi: An elephant from Tamil Nadu is going viral on social media and has captured netizens’ attention for her unique hairstyle. Fondly called ‘Bob-Cutting Sengamalam’, the elephant lives in the Rajagopalaswamy temple of Mannargudi in Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu.Also Read - Disaster! 350 Elephants Found Dead In Botswana Since May & No One Knows Why

Indian Forest Service officer (IFS) Sudha Ramen has posted a few pictures of the tusker and captioned it as ”She is famously known as “Bob-cut Sengamalam” who has a huge fan club just for her hairstyle. You can see her at Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi, Tamilnadu.”

Watch the pictures here:

According to Mannai Online, Sengamalam was brought to the Rajagopalaswamy Temple from Kerala in 2003. S Rajagopal is the man behind the elephant’s unique hairstyle, which according to him needs a lot of care and maintenance.

He also said that Sengamalam’s hair is washed three times a day during the summers and at least once a day in other seasons.

Netizens were in awe of the elephant and were bowled over by Segamalam’s fringed cut. Many others also shared their own experiences of meeting the elephant.

One user commented, “She is so pretty. Lots of videos on her. I have seen her when I visited the temple. They take care of her very well.”

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