Mumbai: People have been known to eat the weirdest things on the planet – however, this elderly man from Maharashtra has been eating stones every day for the past 32 years. The man, Ramdas Bodke, a resident of Adarki Khurd village in Satra district of Maharashtra is living a normal life like everyone else but the only thing he does differently is he eats stones instead of food.Also Read - Viral Video: Woman And Kitty Play Red Light Green Light From Squid Game. Watch

As per reports, the 78-year-old man eats 250 grams of stones every day. He started eating stones after he had a severe stomach ache for a long period. Even though he was treated for a long time, no medicine worked out for him. Tired of having the stomach ache problem, he took the advice of an elderly woman resident of his village who asked him to eat stones. Listening to the woman’s advice, Ramdas got relief from his stomach ache and ever since then he continued eating stones. Also Read - Angry Bride Cancels Wedding After Groom Turns Out Bald

Recently, Ramdas is making headlines after a video of him eating stones very joyously has gone viral. Ramdas has now gotten into the habit of eating stones and even if his family doesn’t allow him to do so, he eats stones hiding from his family members. Meanwhile, doctors are of the view that Ramdas’ stone eating habit might be a mental health issue Also Read - Company Asks Employees to Wear Zoom Outfits To Work, They Show Up in Pyjamas and Slippers

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