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The full video song of Sofia Hayat’s self-made music album has released. The notorious model gives her fans golden tips to woo your hot Boss. Sofia plays a geeky employee who is smitten by her handsome senior. The sensuous model aspires to lure him into a honey trap and explore her wild side. Dressed in body hugging latex outfits, Sofia aims to be a dominant to her otherwise dominating boss. She calls her boss to a Red Room which very much resembles Christian Grey’s play room, with similar BDSM toys.  (ALSO READ : Mein Ladki Hoon Teaser: Watch the sizzling Sofia Hayat’s BDSM act!) Also Read - Sofia Hayat Gets Trolled And Slut-Shamed For Sharing Nude Pictures on Social Media, Check Her Reaction

The lyrics of the video say that she is bold and fearless and can teach the man a lesson if he hurts her. Well, Sofia has penned down these feminist lines and have voiced them too. However, her actions in the video nowhere justify what she wanted to say. At the end of the video song, she leaves a message on a glass wall with her lipstick. The message says “Dont teach me how to dress, teach your boys how to behave”. Well the message does mean a lot, but her music video simply doesn’t compliment them. (ALSO READ : Holi 2015: Sofia Hayat goes hot and sizzling in a sexy bikini for the festival of colours!) Also Read - Former Bigg Boss Star Sofia Hayat to Reveal Details About Her Affair With Cricketer Rohit Sharma in Tell-All Book

Sofia Hayat has time and again garnered media attention for shedding off her clothes and posing nude. Sofia Hayat has now turned to singing as her new career option. The sultry model has released her new music video flashing her best assets in her body hugging latex outfit.