Amid divorce rumours with US president Donald Trump, sources have revealed that US First Lady Melania Trump is quietly making plans for her life after White House as she ‘just want to go home’. According to a CNN report, Melania has been thinking about life after the White House and privately planning her future.Also Read - Melania Trump vs Ivanka Net Worth: Who Owns More | Read Here

“She just wants to go home,” said a source familiar with Melania’s mindset adding that it might not “go over well” if the soon-to-be-former President announces his bid to run for the White House again in 2024. The source added that she’s been preparing her move to the family’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida and is “ensuring a smooth transition out of Washington for herself and her 14-year-old-son, Barron”. Also Read - Melania Trump Walks Arm-in-Arm With Serviceman Amid Divorce Rumors

“They are definitely renovating his apartment within the Mar-a-Lago Club to make it larger, more modern, and comfortable for his use,” one source told CNN. Another source confirmed with the outlet that their 14-year-old son, Barron, will complete his school year in Florida.

While she publicly agrees with her husband Donald Trump about the US elections being rigged, Melania Trump has reportedly ‘tasked an emissary’ to discreetly find out what’s available for her in budget and staff allocation for her life after White House.

The American media outlet further reported that while there are ‘presidential perks’ for such things for the outgoing commander in chief, budgets to set up an official office and staff and cover some travel costs, there is nothing from the government for any first lady, save a paltry $20,000-a-year pension, which is paid out only if her husband dies.

The First Lady is also considering ways to build on her image and her legacy and said to be considering a book though it is likely to be a photo-centric book.

Meanwhile, although President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the US elections last month, Trump has yet to concede.

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