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For those of you who grew up following the conventional wisdom of ‘you believe only when you see’, these images could be startling! In today’s day and age when computer imagery and special effects are employed to make any visual jazzy, and exciting, if you believe only because you see, and then spread the information, you could possibly lead to more confusion and chaos. Read here – Mermaid Real or Fake: Top 5 sightings from around the world Also Read - 'Mermaid Baby' Born in Kolkata Hospital Dies in Four Hours, Doctors Unable to Identify Sex

These pictures, supposedly of a mermaid (or Jalpari), apparently found in Karachi, Pakistan, and subsequently spotted in Porbander, Gujarat, has caught many eyeballs in the internet space. Here’s she, the angelic Ariel, the in-flesh version of the cutesy mermaid of Disney’s The Little Mermaid series. But is she for real? Or are these some leaked out pictures straight from the sets of a Hollywood movie? Or is this just a prank to elicit ‘look- how-I-made-em-fools’ reactions? We, for sure, have no clue! Also Read - Bengaluru: Artist Turns Pothole Into Mermaid Pond to Protest Recent Deaths

What we do know, for sure, is that while Miss M’s fin and her axial appendages may make the visual look real, her sharp facial features, her carved lips and high cheekbones make her the glamorous beauty of the underwater world. “Oh, she must be the sexiest mermaid around,” squealed someone. Maybe the ‘mermaid’ has just taken a leap of faith, after realising her rare beauty, landed on our shores, perhaps to participate in our de rigueur beauty pageants!

PS: Though Miss M’s shiny diving suit looks pretty impressive, we wonder where her oxygen mask is.