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Is the new Microsoft Surface Book the ‘Ultimate Laptop’? Mashable calls it so, and it sure looks like one! Take a look at this hands-on video of the Microsoft Surface Book and you’ll know what we mean. It’s a beautiful, awesome new machine from Microsoft. And, of course, it is steeply priced as well – starting at USD 1,400, the range ends at USD 2,699. Also Read - Microsoft Announces To Acquire Call Of Duty Maker Activision Blizzard For Nearly $70bn

Is the Microsoft Surface Book worth the price? It totally is! It’s a laptop and a tablet all rolled into one, and has some great features. It has the thinnest body made of magnesium with a backlit keyboard, a Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge, and a stylus! The Microsoft machine has a 13.5 inch display and a five-point touch trackpad. It uses the Windows 10 operating system. Also Read - Microsoft Teams Brings 'Walkie Talkie' Feature for More Users

Well, you won’t hear of all these features in this Mashable video, but you’ll get to see the laptop up close. Take a look – it’s good! (ALSO SEE: Apple Watch review: Newt Gingrich turns tech reviewer for Mashable – video)