Bhopal: A farmer in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna had a great stroke of luck as he stumbled upon a 14.98-carat diamond in a small patch of land that he had leased out for only Rs 200. The 45-year-old farmer identified as Lakhan Yadav, who was just a marginal farmer a few days back, has now become a millionaire overnight, thanks to this miraculous find. Also Read - Indian Jeweller Sets World Record For Designing Floral-Shaped Ring with 12,638 Diamonds

As per The Times of India, Lakhan Yadav found the diamond when he was scooping up his land last month. Initially, he thought that it was just another pebble, but when he rubbed the dust off it, it started shining. To confirm his suspicions, he took it to the district diamond officer to find out if was indeed a real diamond.

And it was! The diamond was auctioned on Saturday for Rs 60.6 lakhs, making him rich overnight. However, the farmer doesn’t want anything extravagant and just wants to ensure a good education for his four kids. He said he is going to put most of the money in a fixed deposit.

“I will not go for anything big. I am not an educated person and I’ll put the money in a fixed deposit to ensure my four kids get a good education,” Yadav told TOI.

Yadav has now bought a motorcycle with the first Rs 1 lakh he got after depositing the diamond with the district administration.

“I hope to get another diamond. I’ll work on it for a few more months, perhaps get the lease renewed,” he said.

This is not the first incident of a farmer finding diamonds in fields. In a similar story, a labourer became a millionaire overnight when he unearthed three diamonds worth Rs 30 lakh to 35 lakh at a diamond mine in Panna. Panna, otherwise located in a backward region, is world-famous for its diamond mines.