Madrid: Amid disaster and gloom spread by the deadly coronavirus, here is a story that will surely make you smile! Well, it is said that Covid-19 particularly affects the elderly, however many aged individuals have miraculously recovered from the illness, instilling hope in all of us. Also Read - When Will COVID-19 Pandemic End in India? Here's The Probable Answer

One of these stories is of Ana del Valle, a 106-year-old Spanish woman who has actually been through two pandemics–The Spanish Flu and Coronavirus–and survived them both!

In the year 1918, when the world was in the grip of Spanish Flu, an unusually deadly influenza pandemic, Ana del Valle as a 4-year-old kid suffered and recovered from the illness. The deadly flu had lasted for 36 months (from January 1918 to December 1920) and infected as many as 500 million people, about one third of the world’s population.

And now, 102 years later, she has miraculously beaten the coronavirus pandemic to the joy of her family and friends.

As per reports, Valle lived at a nursing home in Alcala del Valle, where she contracted the virus along with 60 other residents. She was then transferred to a hospital in La Linea and was discharged a few days ago, as she had overcome the contagion.

Born in October 1913, Ana will soon turn 107, which will make her the oldest survivor of the pandemic outbreaks in Spain. Two other 101-year-old women have also recovered from the disease in Spain. The country has been the second-most affected by the coronavirus with almost 2,20,000 cases and over 22,000 deaths.