Zoiey Smale who was named the Miss United Kingdom has returned her crown after being asked to lose weight to compete at international level. The size 10 beauty queen withdrew from the pageant and took to Facebook to express her disappointment over their rules. Smale in the post says she says she decided to withdraw from the competition after she was “asked to lose weight and go on a diet plan”. Zoiey was competing in the final rounds of the international title of competition in Ecuador when she was told to lose weight. She was to travel to Guayaquil in Ecuador this September to participate for Miss United Continents however her dreams have now shattered. Also Read - Miss South Africa 2020 Unveils Plan to Stage Virtual Pageant Amid Lockdown, Entries Open Online

Zoeiy told the national director informed her that the Ecuadorian directors wanted her to lose weight. She in her post writes, “I’m speaking from first hand as 8 years ago I was one of those girls. Those rogue competitions that claim to be pageants.. yet insist you eat less, parade around in a bikini for a few days and sit at the arm of a man over dinner whilst pushing an olive around a plate… Honey let me tell you, this is NOT a pageant. I was branded ‘fat’ because I am size 10. I actually believed that I was so disgusting that no one would ever love me. How sad is that?” Jillian Mercado, Winnie Harlow, Viktoria Modesta: 11 women models who broke stereotypes with their courage in the fashion industry Also Read - Ms. & Mrs. Gorgeous Worldwide Beauty Pageant to be Held in Bali in May

Here is Zoiey Smale’s post: Also Read - Miss Virtual Kazakhstan Finalist Arina Aliyeva Disqualified After Shocking Revelation

Zoiey told Daily Mail, “Out of the blue, it was really random,  she rang me and said “I’ve had some feedback from the international director. I was like, OK, fine I’m always open to new ideas. She tried to put it tactfully but I knew exactly what she was getting at.  They want you to go on a diet plan and they want you to lose as much weight as possible for the finals. I was like, pardon? It was one of those things, in the 21st century you don’t actually expect people to be that blunt.” Zoiey said that she hung up the phone and decided to not compete in the finals.

She ends her post saying, “I love me and will not change for anyone… If a pageant doesn’t want to utilise my capabilities because I am a size 10 then it’s their loss.” Smale’s decision to withdraw from the pageant has received quite a positive feedback on social media. One of the comment reads, “Well said. You should be very proud of who you are and what you do to inspire others not to be afraid of being true to themselves.” (Edited by Nithya Nair)