New Delhi: A pet cat that went missing in Thailand has finally returned to its owner after three long days, but to the owner’s surprise the feline returned home with a note about its ‘debt’. Also Read - Thailand to Lift Travel Restrictions For Visitors Soon After a Year to Revive Sagging Economy

The tabby grey cat came home with a little placard hanging to its neck. The return of the lost pet was shared in a Facebook post by a page “Chang Phuak”. It shared the story along pictures of the cat using hashtag ‘cat slave’, and soon after it went viral, leaving netizens amazed. Also Read - Thailand Opens Tourism For Vaccinated Tourists But Are Indians Allowed to Visit? Here's What we Know

The caption of the post read: “Gone for three days and returned with debt. #catslaves”. Also Read - PM of This Country Fined Rs 14,000 As He Attends Covid Meeting Without Face Mask!

The handwritten Thai note on the placard read: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three.” The kind shop owner who treated the animal signed off saying “Aunty May at alley no. 2”, and even wrote down her number in the note.

The pictures of the cat left many social media users laughing out loud and several users commented on the post saying that the cat was super cute and that it looked totally unapologetic.

While some users also offered to pay for the mackerels, another user said, “My thought is that the shop owner knows how much the cat likes the fish and is advertising to the owner that this is where her shop is so that the owner knows where to get more for both the cat and the owner.”