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Washington, March 02: Apple employees have said that the Apple Watch has a special battery stretch feature called “Power Reserve”. According to the Verge, the new smartwatch’s low energy mode will let it continue display the time even with short battery life left. Mobile World Congress: Asian firms challenge Apple with snazzy new smartphones Also Read - Apple May Launch AirPods 3, Mini LED iPad in First Half of 2021

With the current battery technology, battery life is a major concern for Apple Watch and other wearables. According to reports, Apple engineers have kept the smartwatch in a case that makes it look like one of Samsung’s Gear smartwatches. Also Read - Apple Ushers in New Era of Mac Computers With In-house M1 Chip

In a head-on challenge to Apple’s popular iPhone 6 which was released last year, Samsung came out fighting today with the Galaxy S6, a smartphone with a touch screen that curves around the edges and has a wireless charger. It also presented the larger S6 Edge, a “phablet” somewhere between a tablet and a phone in size. LG unveiled a new top-line phone with a curved back to sit snugly in the palm, the LG Flex 2, as well as a range of four new mid-range smartphones and two new luxury internet-connected watches.