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Barcelona: Accenture is working with Visa Inc. to explore the future of Internet of Things-based commerce by developing a connected car proof-of-concept. Ademo simulating this use case will be showcased by Visa at Mobile World Congress, March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain (Exhibit Booth D40, Hall 6), which shows the scenario of customers ordering food from the car while on-the-go using cellular connectivity, as well as Bluetooth technology and beacons, to offer an enhanced user experience. Mobile World Congress 2015: Huwaei announces first ever smartwatch Also Read - Major Relief For 410 Hindu Refugees Stranded In Pakistan: Centre Grants Extension in Their Special Visa

Damm Group sought a solution that provides immediate updates on sales-related activity across its network of distributors, while enabling its sales teams to work on a tablet, accessing and inputting data when on-or offline. The Accenture solution allows real-time data to be available to sales representatives, and includes point of sale images and geo-location data for site visits, as well as customer data. The data includes actual versus potential sales information, portfolio penetration and competitive positions – all data that can enable real-time sales and promotional decisions and more relevant communications to customers. Also Read - Google, Facebook, Microsoft Join Harvard University in Lawsuit Against US Student Visa Rule

“Being closer to the customers who buy our products every day is a key differentiator for us,” said Marcial Navarro, HR and Corporate Services Director, Damm Group. “By making the mobile application available to sales representatives and distributor teams, we can share, collect, analyze and utilize data at the point of need, anywhere and anytime. We used to rely on data that distributors updated monthly to make business decisions, but now we have instantly available data. This increased visibility into our sales operations means we can monitor and adapt our business strategy on-the-fly, identify new sales opportunities and stay close to our customers.”

“Accenture was selected for its experience in managing complex systems integration projects, and for its deep industry knowledge, experience and solutions,” continued Navarro. “Its track record of innovation in digital technologies and the close relationships between Accenture, SAP and Avanade were also important factors in our selection process.”

“Digital technologies have considerable potential to transform the way in which consumer goods companies drive revenue and profitability via innovative strategies, products, processes and experiences,” said Raimon Miret, Products Lead, Accenture Spain. “We are working with Damm Group to help define a new model for salesforce operations as part of their digital transformation journey. This project is helping Damm Group to become a more agile business, through unlocking the power of their data and turning it into a strategic asset for decision-making.”

“Teaming with Accenture, we developed an organizational model to take advantage of our new digital capabilities,” said Luis Miguel Martin, CIO, Damm Group. “The model enables our salespeople to handle orders and carry out transactions directly with our business customers, managing any abandonment or modification issues that may arise. We also put in place a new remuneration system to accompany this, with a more rewarding percentage in variable salary available to sales teams. We believe that this digital technology implementation will be a key element of our future success.”

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