A disturbing x-rated footage of a model forced to strip naked surfaced online, and it has surely sent shock waves on the social media. What makes the incident, so very shocking is that it takes place inside a police station in Colombia. The adult video shows Katherine Martinez, a 27-year-old model and mother-of-one performing striptease for the male prisoners and cops, while she is handcuffed to a window. The drunk woman is seen exposing her breasts, butts and private parts as she was filmed. The Colombian jail authorities were not only responsible for blackmailing the model into doing obscene acts but also shared the x-rated video online. This transgender was stripped naked and beaten up; you will be shocked when you know the reason.Also Read - Viral Video: Homeless Man Celebrates Pet Dog's Birthday, Heartwarming Video Moves The Internet | Watch

Katherine Martinez is a physiotherapist turned model, and DJ is emotionally scarred with the recent chain of events. The mother of one who left her job in a hospital to begin her journey in the glamorous industry found her integrity put on line by protectors of law. Katherine was driven to the station in Cali, Colombia by one of the patrol officers later identified to be one of the officers guilty of outraging her modesty. Girl seducing homosexual man with hot striptease reveals shocking truth – Watch Video. Also Read - Negative Covid Report or Vaccination Certificate MUST to Enter Colombia

The model claims that she was told by cops at the station that she had to lift up her dress and expose her private parts if she wanted to her handcuffs removed and also get a chair to sit down on. Katherine said that she consented to strip for them as she was drunk and also needed a chair to sit as she had a sprained foot. The viral video shows Katherine wearing red underpants and exposing her breasts and buttocks to the camera. Also Read - Brazil Beat Colombia to Clinch World Cup Berth

According to the Daily Mail reports, the model was quoted saying, ‘All the police officers told me that if I wanted them to pass me a chair or take my handcuffs off, I had to take off my dress and show them my body.’ She further added, ‘Then the male prisoners began to yell at me, “Yes, yes, lift your dress up.” About being filmed, she said – ‘I remember some things but not everything. I remember them telling me they were filming me.’ In the video, Katherine could be seen raising her middle finger to the person filming her act.

As the video went viral online, the Cali Police Chiefs have ‘deeply regretted’ the act. Commander Hugo Casas backed the story told by the model after his officers confessed of sharing the x-rated footage online. Speaking to the local media, he said, ‘She decided to take her clothes off and carry out obscene acts in the station but what we, as an institution, deeply regret is that what some police officers did was film what the woman was doing with their mobile phones instead of stopping her and protecting her integrity. Then the video was passed on via WhatsApp.’

But Katherine Martinez is now suing the Cali police for their outrageous act. She said, ‘This disgusting and shameful act they made me do just so I could get a chair has left me with an injured foot. I can’t walk very well. But emotionally I’m also very badly affected.’ Her lawyer Elmer Montana added: ‘Cali police chiefs should offer a public apology to Katherine for this gender violence, perpetrated by the police against her.’ Katherine has received massive support from all quarters on the social media who slammed Colombian police’s sickening act.