This video by globetrotter Alex Chacon is a #selfie compilation documenting an exploration of 125,946 miles of 36 countries in 600 days and on five motorcycles. Called the Modern Motorcycle Diaries, the video captures the most epic #selfie documentation. Also Read - Viral Video: Angry Goat Attacks Woman During Selfie Video, Netizens Suggests to Wear a Helmet Next Time| Watch

It’s a one-of-a-kind video with a 360-degree rotation view with the help of a GoPro camera installed on a stick. The exploration spanned over three years. Also Read - Selfie Gone Wrong! Chhattisgarh Man Trampled to Death by Wild Elephant When He Tried to Take a Picture With It

For 600 days, Alex travelled on five motorcycles taking short selfie clips along the way on his GoPro. He compiled it into a three-minute YouTube video documenting the whole journey. He set out on this journey to work with less fortunate children; he took to selling off his possessions to raise awareness and fund for charitable causes. Also Read - Death by Selfie: Teenaged Boy Comes in Contact with High-tension Wires While Taking Selfie Atop Goods Train

The video is worth a watch since it takes you to all the exotic places that you could ever have dreamed of.

Check out the amazing #selfie video below!