A 20-year-old Malaysian man was left stunned after he discovered video and photos seemingly shot by a monkey, which the primate had been stolen while he was sleeping. Also Read - Chandigarh Tattoo Artist Arrested For Keeping a Monkey in Captivity, Accused of Force-Feeding It Alcohol

According to a BBC report, Zackrydz Rodzi went to sleep on Friday with his phone kept next to him. When he woke up on Saturday, he was unable to locate his phone and started to search for it. He found the incident mysterious because there was no sign of breaking in or a robbery.

He told BBC, “There was no sign of robbery. The only thing on my mind was is it some kind of sorcery.”

Meanwhile, in order to track the phone, his father kept calling until it was discovered under a palm tree. When he unlocked it, he found pictures of the monkey saved in his gallery.

Have a look:

Most of the photos are grainy, blurry or out of focus, or show parts of the surroundings such as leaves or tree branches.

 “But later when I opened the gallery I ran out of words. [I have] no idea how to describe it because one of the impossible things just happened. I shook and laughed so hard and quickly ran towards my parents to tell them. There is no way that it’s a prank cause there’s no one else in the house except me and my parents. Plus the evidence of the monkey selfies is too strong,” he told Standard UK.

His tweet has gone viral ever since, raking in a lot of views and praiseworthy comments for the cutest monkey thief!