Indian independence day is the perfect occasion for people to show off their patriotic side and this year even animals could not help but show their colours of patriotism. Videos of monkeys hoisting the Indian flag for the 71st independence day has hit the social media and are going viral. There are two separate videos of these monkeys getting all patriotic. While one incident occurred in Pushkar Rajasthan, the other patriotic monkey was spotted in Ambala. The videos show the monkeys beautifully hoisting of the national flag as they are cheered by people. This Assam School Hoisted The National Flag On Independence Day in Flood Waters, Facebook Pic Goes Viral
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Two separate videos of these instances are already taking everyone by surprise. The tricolour was ready to be hoisted when the monkeys crashed the ceremony and did the needful. According to a Times of India report, one incident of the patriotic monkey hoisting the national flag took place in a school in Ambala, Haryana. This video shows two monkeys sitting on top of the roof where the tricolour is all ready to be hoisted. One of the monkeys climbs up the flag pole and tugs on the string; there be hoisting the flag. India’s Independence Day Celebrity Wishes: Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar & Other Stars Celebrate August 15th on Social Media
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The other incident took place in Pushkar, Rajasthan. In similar fashion to the first incident, two monkeys were sitting on the roof where the flag was ready to be hoisted, and one of them went forward and pulled the string and let the tricolour fly high. This video was uploaded on YouTube by Only Trending and shows the monkeys being cheered by the people below who were capturing this unique incident on camera. Also Read - Independence Day 2021: Hockey's Dominance at Olympics to 1983 Cricket World Cup Win to Neeraj Chopra's Athletics Gold - India's Greatest Sporting Moments Post-Independence

Watch the monkey hoisting the flag in Ambala

The Monkeys in Pushkar were cheered during the flag hoisting

These videos of monkeys hoisting the national flag have proven that the feeling of patriotism is not just limited to humans. And the monkeys in both the occasions were peering into the crowd as if checking if the people were respecting the Indian flag properly. This unique Independence day celebration has brought a smile on several faces! (Edited By: Aishwarya Krishnan)