Many would agree that a mother’s love is one of the purest forms of love. A mother can go to any lengths to save or protect her child from any threats and keep them safe. And this is true for not just humans, but also animals. We have also seen how affectionately a mother monkey holds her baby. There is also a video of an elephant expressing gratitude after villagers save her baby by removing it from a ditch. Or the video of a cow chasing her calf to the hospital, where it was being taken for treatment. Joining this list of adorable videos is the video of a mother rhino. The Rhinoceros reportedly chased away a group of hungry hyenas who were trying to harm her tiny baby. Also Read - TRAGIC! Mother of 8 Boils Stones to Make Children Believe That Food Was Cooking, For Them to Fall Asleep Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

Ooty Forest Official Carries Injured Baby Elephant to its Mother; The Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

Ooty Forest Official Carries Injured Baby Elephant to its Mother; The Heartwarming Video Goes Viral

The incident occurred in Nakuru National Park in Kenya. It is a very famous holiday destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The dramatic footage captured shows a mother rhino trying frantically to protect her calf from two, and then four hyenas. The mother rhino puts herself between the hyenas and her child, and tries to shoo them away. Even though the beasts try to surround the mother rhino and her calf, she never gives up. The hyenas constantly try to pounce on the calf, but the mother rhino hits out at them with her sharp horn. In fact, the hyenas also try to sneak in from behind and attack the calf, but the mother rhino is faster than them and blocks their attacks. Also Read - Money Heist: Alba Flores AKA Nairobi Sets Internet on Fire With Her Sizzling Dance Grooves in THIS BTS Video

Watch the video here:

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Eventually, she decided to make a move and sprints off, keeping her calf close to her. The hyenas continue to follow them. Daily Mail reports that the incident was filmed on November 18, 2017 by French photographer Nicolas Urlacher. But it has recently become viral. Nicolas has been living in Nairobi since 2013 and is passionate about travelling in search of magnificent wildlife videos.