Keeping up to the relatability factor of their content, TikTok has come up with another trend amid COVID-19 pandemic to keep the users hooked after making them burn potatoes while singing ‘Ja Corona Ja‘. With TikTok challenges amping up the viral game of the celebrities too, the new trend on the social media app is to take Corona’s interview. Also Read - COVID-19 Pandemic To Be 'Far More Deadly' This Year, Warns WHO

Using alien filters to personify themselves as the infamous virus with an original sound by TikTok creator Shivam Malik, Indian users are now answering a weird set of questions. Pretending to be a personal bio of Corona, the answers are based on how the virus tally looks across the globe. Trending with the hashtag ‘Corona Ka Interview’, the questions and answers are as follows – Also Read - With 500 ICU Bed Facility, Delhi's Iconic Ram Leela Maidan Turns Into COVID Care Centre

Name: Corona
Surname: Virus
Nickname: Covid
Age: 19
Mother’s Name: China
Current boyfriend: USA
Ex: Italy, Iran, Spain
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Check out the following videos by the TikTok users on the latest trend:

Recently, a video of a man making TikTok video went insanely viral on social media not because of his dance moves but because of a suspicious activity in the background. The TikTok user Reubix Cube aka Reuben posted a video of himself shaking a leg to Doja Cat’s popular track ‘Say So’. In the caption, he claimed that he was home alone but the clip told a totally different story. In the video, viewers noticed some suspicious person appearing near the stairs in the background for a few seconds which left many stunned. Some described it as ‘a head poking around the corner’, while others said that it looked like a monkey. The video has fetched over 1.9 million views along with thousands of comments that range from viewers being shocked to sceptical.

On another note, currently, the number of COVID-19 cases in India sum up to 21,393 and the death toll is at 681. Worldwide, the coronavirus cases have reached 26,28,527 while the global death toll is at 1,83,424.