Australian motorbike rider, Robbie Maddison used a highly modified motorcycle to allow him to surf the waves off the coast of Tahiti. The daredevil is no stranger to stunts that are wilder than your craziest dreams but this just takes it a step beyond that too. The video posted on August 2nd on YouTube has Robbie riding the waves and overtaking boats while riding his motorbike.Also Read - Gujarat College Students Develop Motorbike That Runs on Both Petrol & Electricity

The display image of the video itself had us thinking of the moment where Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey walk on water in Bruce Almighty (2003). Even the movie wasn’t crazy enough to show Jim Carrey drive a car or run on water but the latest video from DC Shoes has us reaching for the impossible. [Watch: 164 vertical skydivers form flower in air; Set new world record in America] Also Read - Another Caste Atrocity: Dalit Man Allegedly Stripped, Assaulted For Touching Bike of An Upper-Caste Man in Karnataka

The YouTube video titled “Pipe Dream” mentions that the video took over two years of training. The helmet to the boots and the camera placement were all meticulously planned to achieve the feat. Robbie told a magazine that the images and footage are pretty awesome but there are no words to describe the ferocity of the waves. Check out the insane video below and tell us if you ever thought of such a crazy stunt? Also Read - Indonesia: Over 400 Killed as Quake And Tsunami Hit Sulawesi, Death Toll Expected to Rise