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Who is Virgin Mary? Virgin Mary or Saint Mary was a Jewish woman and the mother of Jesus through divine intervention. Birthday of Virgin Mary is celebrated on the first Sunday in a Roman Catholic Basilica which is located in Bandra. After this day the feast is usually followed by a long week full of fairs and thousands of visitors visiting the fair. The Bandra fair is around 300 years old and the fair started when the statue of Mother Mary found to be floating in the Arabian Sea around 1700-1760. There is a myth according to a great legend that a Koli fisherman dreamt the same few years ago. Also Read - Florida Woman Says She Has Found Jesus On A Horseshoe Crab Shell, Check Pictures

Mount Mary’s Basilica is an outstanding statute which symbolizes peace, hope, grandeur, affectionate, love. Just a single glance at Mary with her child Jesus inside the church is a treat to one’s eye. Mother Mary is the mother to all mankind and it’s said that she grants everyone with what they deserve and what is good for oneself. She never leaves any one unaided. Also Read - Easter celebrated in Nagaland

Mount Mary birthday is celebrated all around Mumbai and the fair draws more than lakhs of devotees every year. Devotees pray to Mary in thanksgiving or requesting for some kind of favors. Outside the church there are many religious objects which includes candles which are beautifully shaped like hands, feet, house, etc. Devotees choose the correspondent objects and offer the same in front of Mary. Hope this will help you’ll to understand about the importance this day carries in itself.