Setting an example of exemplary service, the energy minister of Madhya Pradesh, Pradhuman Singh Tomar took matters in his own hands as he cleaned a public toilet in the commissioner office in Gwalior after getting complains. Also Read - UP Man Finds a 5-Foot-Long Crocodile Perched in The Toilet of His Home, Panic Ensues

As per NDTV report, some women employees complained to Tomar that the toilet reserved for them in the office building was not cleaned regularly and they were thus inconvenienced. Heeding to their request, he inspected the toilets on the premises and found them dirty.

Without wasting time, he then ordered the officials to bring toilet cleaner and brush etc and proceeded to clean the toilets himself.

He also urged the employees to take responsibility for keeping toilets in government offices clean. noting that dirty toilets cause difficulties to all, especially women. The officers too should constantly monitor and regularly get the toilets cleaned, he added.

”Prime Minister Narendra Modi to MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan makes continuous efforts to ensure cleanliness. Offices should be clean,” he further said.

It is not the first time that Tomar has come forward to clean up the mess. Earlier, he had cleaned a stormwater drain with a shovel and swept a public park with a broom.