Ashok Nagar (MP): Needless to say, a weak mobile signal is a major headache for all of us, especially when one needs to make an urgent phone call. The same was recently experienced by a minister in Madhya Pradesh who did something rather hilarious in order to get a better signal. Unable to make calls due to weak connectivity, the MP Minister of State for Public Health Engineering Brajendra Singh Yadav, climbed atop a 50-foot high swing in Ashok Nagar district and made a few calls, as curious villagers watched him!Also Read - Tried The 'Rajinikanth Style' Dosa? Mumbai Eatery's Unique Style of Serving Dosa Goes Viral | Watch Video

Notably, the 50-foot high swing was one of the attractions in the fair amid a ‘Bhagwad Katha’ recitation program in the Amkho village. The minister told reporters that local residents approached him with problems but he wasn’t able to help them due to poor mobile signal. That’s why he decided to climb atop the swing!

“So I climbed atop the swing to get a clear signal in order to contact officials to get people’s problems solved. I am in the village for nine days as I am the host of the Bhagwad Katha and Sriram Mahayagya,” he said.

Watch the video here:

Pictures and videos of him seated on the swing with another man have been heavily circulated on social media. The photo also has led to a plethora of memes and jokes centered around the government’s much-vaunted ‘Digital India’ thrust. The photo of the minister on the swing was even published in the newspapers and the video had gone viral on social media on Sunday.