In a bizarre incident, a 26-year-old software engineer allegedly married two women in five days in Madhya Pradesh and then reportedly fled. The first marriage took place on December 2 when the accused, a resident of Musakhedi area in Indore, allegedly married a woman in Khandwa. Just 5 days later, he married another woman in Indore’s Mhow on December 7. Also Read - Zambian Woman Sues Boyfriend For Wasting Her Time As He Didn’t Propose Marriage After 8 Years of Dating

The fraud apparently came to light when one of the Khandwa victim’s relatives who had gone to a wedding dinner in Indore sent photographs of his second marriage to her family through mobile phone. After the revelation, the Khandwa filed a cheating complaint against the accused and the police are currently tracing his whereabouts.

As per the complaint, the family spent Rs 10 lakh on the marriage and household items given to the bride. The complaint also stated that the accused, after marrying the woman here, took her to his place in Indore. After a few days, he told her that he had to go to Bhopal for some unavoidable work, but, he went to Mhow to marry another woman, the police official said.

The official further informed that the accused gone for the wedding in Khandwa with his parents, brothers, sister and other relatives On December 2. When the Khandwa victim’s family spoke to the woman with whom the accused tied the knot in Indore, she told them that her marriage was arranged and not a forced one, as per the complaint.

After December 7, the accused did not return home and switched off his mobile phone. A search is now underway for the absconding accused.