Malwa (Madhya Pradesh): As India battles the second Covid wave, experts have warned that social distancing, frequent hand washing and wearing a mask are the only ways to avoid getting infected from the virus. However, some people who are still in the grip of superstitions and false beliefs refuse to listen. In a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa district, locals resorted to a rather bizarre solution to drive away Covid-19–they ran around with flaming torches, chanting slogans ‘Bhaag Corona Bhaag’.Also Read - WATCH: This Gardener in Madhya Pradesh Hospital Takes COVID-19 Samples From People Conducting Self-Test

Yes, on Sunday night, pictures and videos of this strange practice emerged on social media, wherein villagers ran around with flaming torches in their hands. The also raised the some locals raised the ‘Bhaag Corona Bhaag’ slogan in the hope that this would help their village get rid of Covid-19. Later, they were seen tossing the torches into the air and throwing them outside the village, India Today reported.

Notably, such a practice has been in place in the village since long. According to a local, whenever there’s an epidemic, one person from every household runs with a burning torch from their homes to the boundaries of the village.  A villager told India Today, ”In my village Ganeshpura, for the past two-three days, one death was being reported every day and that had triggered panic among the villagers. There has been peace in the village since the time we have carried out this procession.”

On Wednesday, the state reported 13,107 new coronavirus positive cases according to the Madhya Pradesh heath department. The state’s caseload now stands at 4,46,811.

Last year, Union minister Ramdas Athawale had in February coined the slogan ‘Go Corona Go’ along with a Chinese diplomat and Buddhist monks at a prayer meeting in Mumbai.