The Mumbai Dabbawalas are giving us another reason to look up to them! The Dabbawalas in the city are known to deliver freshly made home cooked food to people, but now they have started doing something that makes us all proud of them. The Dabbawala collect leftover food and distribute it to the less fortunate people in the city. Also Read - Mutton Sukka Recipe: Try Out This Lip Smacking Mutton Recipe at Home

You need not waste food any more, because Dabbawalas have come to our rescue! They have started a Roti Bank, which is helping them to feed many hungry mouths in the city. The Roti Bank collects leftover food from people and gives it to the less fortunate who have none to consume.So if you have leftover food in Mumbai after any social gathering, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 09867221310 or 08652760542 right now! Also Read - Mutton Kola Urundai Recipe: Here's How to Make Scrumtious Chettinad Keema Balls

Just by picking up the call and giving away your share of leftover food, you will help to satiate the hunger of people, you might help someone who actually needs it. Your food and love will reach those, who need it the most. Kudos to the Mumbai Dabbawala for this great initiative to fight against hunger. Also Read - Mutton Biryani Recipe: Here's How to Make Best Mutton Biryani Ever