Sometimes help comes in your hour of need from an unexpected source and you remain indebted to that person all your life. In this scenario wouldn’t you equate that person to God and be indebted to him all your life. Something similar happened to a man from Mumbai whose Facebook post on Humans of New York page is going viral. His mysterious and intriguing story is widely being shared on the social media and people on the internet are mystified about it. The man shared a heartwarming story of how he was saved from utter ruin and hopelessness when a stranger came to his aid and provided him money to buy food and from that day onwards he never had to look back. His Facebook post is going viral for all the right reasons.Also Read - Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: No Elimination This Week on Salman Khan’s Show

The man narrated how he was the sole bread winner of his family and worked at a motorcycle repair shop because his father was unable to work. He narrated how one day his family ran out of food and he waited at the shop for the whole day praying for a customer but nobody came until midnight. However, that very night his life took a turn for the better and he would forever remember that night and the stranger whom he equates to God. Also Read - WHO Advisory Group to Meet on October 26 To Consider Emergency Use Approval of Covaxin

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Life has a funny way of making us realize the importance and the existence of a supreme being who watches over us and comes to our aid whenever we are at the brink of collapse or destruction. This Humans of New York story makes one reaffirm their faith in the almighty.