Amitabh Bachchan‘s recent advertisement on Dr. Fixit, which is a waterproofing solution used to prevent leakages, shows Big B with a giant tortoise with a head of a human. The campaign, “No Shortcut” has now become a meme and it all started with Mumbai Police‘s social media handle. The meme has the screengrabs of the advertisement for showcasing the difference between law-abiding and law-breaking citizens. Also Read - Amitabh Bachchan Takes Second Dose Of Coronavirus Vaccine, Shares Picture

While sharing the post on Twitter, Mumbai Police wrote, “Pic 1: When you break a rule & spot a policeman ahead
Pic 2: When you are a totally law-abiding Mumbaikar”. Also Read - FRIENDS Reunion Special Teaser Features In Mumbai Police's COVID-19 Awareness Advisory

Mumbai Police’s account has regularly posted about grave issues such as traffic safety, cyberstalking, anti-drugs campaign, etc with a dose of humor. From puns to two-liners to rhymes, the Mumbai police twitter handle has shown that even the most serious topics can be tackled with humor. Now, on their latest take, Mumbai Police has decided to spread awareness on traffic safety rules. Also Read - Mumbai Police Uses Harry Potter Meme To Remind People of Double Masking

Take a look at the picture here:

Watch the whole ad video here:

Mumbai Police’s attempt of being sarcastic and showing their humor has left many impressed. Take a look at the netizen’s reactions:

This is not the first time Mumbai Police has caught her attention on Twitter. They have a very cosmopolitan image and the idea to come on Twitter was to reach out to people and break the ice.