Booking a cab has now been the easiest and fastest way to ride from one place to another as compared a decade ago. The technology wasn’t advanced enough that you could book a taxi from your phone and take a ride. It’s 2018 and everything is possible here. With technology permeating several aspects of our lives, every-day tasks have become automated, and have conveniently made our lives that much simpler. The downside of having technology has left a certain generation of its audience handicapped. With the cost of owning a vehicle now shooting up, add to it the ever-increasing maintenance costs, and dealing with traffic situations, taxi-hailing has become a favorable option among many. Also Read - No Signal From SOS Unit of Commander Singh on Crashed MiG-29K: Indian Navy

Transport Ministry Wants Private Cabs Without Child Lock to Ensure Women Safety

Transport Ministry Wants Private Cabs Without Child Lock to Ensure Women Safety

Today, it only takes us less than a minute to book a cab that comes to our doorstep, picks us up and drops us at our desired destination. But these cab aggregators are in a constant rush to upgrade the process of booking and services. So much so that sometimes their drivers venture into somewhat unimaginable acts. In a bizarre moment, a man in Mumbai booked a cab with Uber and took to Facebook to share a screenshot on 15th February which showed his Uber driver’s location in the Arabian Sea. The man wrote a humorous quote, “Aslam bhai submarine se aarele hai” and the post went viral. (Read more: Sikh Uber driver held at gunpoint by passenger in US) Also Read - Mumbai Fishermen Find Giant Whale Shark That Weighs Over 2000 Kg, Probe Ordered | Watch Video

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The post which has now fetched over 1.8k likes and over 5k shares is making everyone ROFL. Take a look:

It is all a technical glitch and the Uber app always has navigation and maps issue. It is not the first time that something like this has happened to the people. Earlier someone’s cab showed in the south Atlantic ocean. If you experience the same technical difficulty with the app, you can troubleshoot your phone.