Mumbai: In a touching gesture, Muslims from a local organisation in Maharashtra lit the pyre of a 78-year-old Hindu man after his own son allegedly refused to accept his body. As per an Indian Express report, the man’s son who lives in Nagpur was called to claim his body after he from a heart attack in Maharashtra’s Akola district.Also Read - Call of Duty: Covid-19 Warrior Watches Family Perform His 3-Year-Old Son's Last Rites from Distance

However, he did not accept his body and refused to perform the funeral.

Prashant Rajurkar, head of the sanitation department of the Akola Municipal Corporation told The Indian Express: “The man’s son, who lives in Nagpur, refused to accept the body and perform the funeral. So, a local Muslim organisation, Akola Kutchhi Memon Jamaat, took over the responsibility. On Sunday, some Muslim men lit the pyre at the crematorium.”

Further, President of the Muslim organisation, Javed Zakeria said they have decided to perform last rites of all those individuals whose families are not being able to do so.

Till date, they have organized 60 funerals, out of which 21 were Covid-19 deaths and five were of Hindus.

One of the largest COVID-19 hotspots in Maharashtra, Akola has over 400 Covid-19 cases and at least 25 deaths.