We all know that how important is the holy month of Ramzan for Muslims and how essential it is to fast. There are strict rules which are followed by the believers where a person cannot even drink a single drop of water from sunrise to sunset. Well, a Muslim man from Dehradun broke the rules for a healthy cause. He has set an example of humanity by neglecting the typical norms in the name of religion and cast. 39-year-old Arif Khan turned into a life savior for a 20-year-old Hindu Ajay Bijlawan by breaking his Ramzan fast before iftar so that he can donate his blood. Also Read - Top Five Destinations Near Delhi-NCR That Are Safe For Travel Amidst COVID-19

Ajay, who is admitted to the Max Hospital in Dehradun, was in a critical condition, and his blood platelet number had dropped drastically – dipping to some 5000. The normal range is 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Ajay needed a transfusion of A+ blood urgently, as the only means to save his life. Arif got to know from a WhatsApp forward, shared by Ajay’s father asking for help to organize the blood for his son. Also Read - Uttarakhand Lockdown Extension News: Weekend Shutdown Announced in 4 Districts | Check Guidelines

Ajay without even thinking once, headed to the hospital. As per routine procedure, doctors asked Arif to eat something before donating blood. Putting humanity above religion, Arif quickly changed his mind, ate the food offered by the doctors and then proceeded to donate blood. Also Read - 5 Million Years Old 'Habitat' of Giant Elephants Discovered by UP Officials While Scouting For New Tiger Reserve

We salute Ajay for this small step that proves that we are not divided as it is being portrayed.