New Delhi: As the entire world is reeling from the disastrous effects of coronavirus, an Italian man who is under lock-down following a spike of cases in the country, has put out a Twitter thread explaining the various stages of the pandemic. In a series of tweets, he urged people around the world to take the matter very seriously and advised them to stop socializing to stem the spread of the disease. Also Read - Coronavirus Lockdown: Indian Singer Shweta Pandit Quarantined in Italy, Says Italy Was Never So Quiet Before

He starts the thread by admonishing those who still have no qualms in going out while being in the midst of a global crisis and urges them to read his terrifying experience. Also Read - Coronavirus: India Brings Back 236 Nationals Stranded in Iran, 218 From Italy

”If you’e still hanging with friends, going to restaurants/bars, and acting like this isn’t a big deal, get your shit together. The following thread is taken from an Italian citizen. As they put it: “To the rest of the world, you have no idea what’s coming.” Also Read - Trending News Today, March 15, 2020: Heartbreaking! Brother Trapped With Sister’s Dead Body For 36 Hours in Coronavirus Lockdown in Italy | Watch

Well, it’s a really long thread, but please give it a read:

After the long thread, he then goes on to explain what precautions to take and also slams those countries who are still taking the issue lightly.

”It’s hard to see all these countries act like it’s not coming and not taking the precautions that are necessary for the well-being of its citizens while they still can”, he says.

He concludes by saying, ”There are cases where you live, then the virus is spreading, and you’re maybe 1-2 weeks behind us. But you’ll get to our point eventually. PLEASE take any precaution you can take. Don’t act like it’s not going to get you. If you can, STAY HOME”.

Hope things get better. Stay safe and informed!