Chennai: After a person dies, it is usually close friends or family who write and publish an obituary remembering his/her life. However, a person in Chennai, did the unthinkable when he wrote his own obituary and gave the piece to his family members to put up after his death. Also Read - This Twitter User Wrote An Obituary For Death Of Media & Confused by The Wordplay, A Newspaper Actually Published It!

Ejji K Umamahesh passed away on October 16 at the age of 72, following high-risk heart surgery. Notably, Ejji was a former car rally driver and also served as the former Deputy Secretary, Formula One, Indian Grand Prix at Buddh International Circuit.

After his death, the obituary titled “Self-written Obituary Announcement from Ejji K Umamahesh” was published in a local newspaper and has now gone viral on social media, making people teary-eyed.

“Lived on his own terms as a Religionless Citizen of the World on Village Earth. Congenital Sybarite, Recycled Teenager, Rat-Race Runner (Retd.), Whole-time House husband & Homemaker, Compulsive Party Host, Theater & Movie Actor, International Car Rally Driver & Organiser, Rationalist, Humanist, Atheist, Free Thinker,” the obituary reads.

The report also included a note for his “friends, enemies, and those-in-between,” thanking them for sharing their life with him.

”My party is over, and I hope there is no hangover for those I leave behind. Time is running out for everyone. Live well, enjoy your life, and continue the party,” the post further read.

What’s more, is that he has also donated all his “usable organs and body parts for transplantation and the remaining body for anatomical demonstration and research purposes.”

Many shared the obituary on social media and were moved with Umamahesh’s zest for life:

Ejji had also written an obituary, particularly for Facebook that his family published after his death.

“I regret to inform you that my vintage vehicle that was being restored, in spite of the best mechanics in India with mastery over their craft, modern tools and expertise at their command, did all they could to revive it, but unfortunately did not succeed. The engine gasket blew, the engine housing cracked, the pistons seized, and the old jalopy is now ready to be scrapped. Luckily a few parts that have survived destruction will be donated to other similar vintage vehicle owners who can put them to good use in their own machine. Must say that for the most inhospitable terrains around the world that I drove it for 72 years, guzzling ‘fuel’ of all sorts, adding additives that defy description and logic, surviving desert temperature highs, to colds that can freeze the balls of a brass monkey, it has served truly well. It surely will be remembered. Thank you (An official announcement about the scrapping of the vintage machine will be released in the press soon.),” his obituary written on Facebook reads.