New Delhi: For over three days, Mumbai, Nagpur, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh Police carried out a search operation for on individual — on Twitter. No, not Vikas Dubey, this individual was Binod. Just Binod. Paytm changed its username to Binod, Tinder India started finding Binodini for Binod, Swiggy hoped for a call from Binod, Airtel expected all its callers to become Binod (if the line gets connected though ). But who is Binod who trended on Twitter for days together? Also Read - 'Will Akshay Now Launch Pay-PM'? Twitter Erupts With Funny Memes After Google Removes Paytm From Play Store

Binod’s name is Binod Tharu. He has a YouTube account but no videos. His activities on Youtube was limited to watch various videos on Youtube, go to the comment section and then write ‘Binod’. Recently, a YouTube channel made a funny video on how meaningless YouTube comments are and showcased the comment ‘Binod’ as a case for example. Little did it know that more meaninglessness was in store. Leaving YouTube behind, Binod started trending on Twitter. All leading brands picked up the trend and it was all Binod everywhere.

Well, now the mystery is finally cracked!