Bizarre incidents of couples having sex in full public view are on the rise. Call it fulfilling an x-rated fantasy or pure act of horniness; people are not giving two thoughts before engaging in sexual activities shamelessly in front of shocked onlookers. At a popular Croatian Tourist Resort, a randy couple was caught on camera having sex as the holidayers passed by them. The pair stripped off completely naked as the man enjoyed banging his partner on a bench…Yes, having intercourse on An EFFING BENCH! The sexed up seemed least bothered about getting filmed or that they were creating a ruckus in the public as they continued with their lewd behaviour. Also Read - Porn Video Played During Live BBC News Broadcast: Topless Girl in X-Rated Clip Flashed by Mistake on News at Ten

A video surfaced on the internet of a pair getting physically intimate in centre of the main tourist area. According to Mirror reports, the adult video was filmed by a shocked British holidaymaker in the town centre of Makarska on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. The passionate pair was so involved in their romping session that they did not give two f%&$ks to the passersby consisting of parents, children, young couples and individuals. Couple Have Sex In Front Of Passengers on Vegas-Bound Flight As They ‘Couldn’t Control Themselves’.

Many shocked spectators filmed the outrageous act on their smartphones as the woman was sitting on the bench with her legs wrapped around the man. He could be seen removing his trousers and proceeding further to have sex with his partner. The eyewitnesses could be heard expressing their disgust and discomfort as they sultry couple enjoyed an intimate time publicly in a busy Croatian resort. A voice of female tourist is heard saying, “That is so disgusting!”

The nationality of the pair and its identification are yet not confirmed. There is no information on any investigation being carried out in relation to such an outrageous antic on the part of the couple. This is the second instance when couples failing to control their hormones have come up. Earlier, in the weird topic of public sex, a couple on Southwest Airlines flight flying from Atlanta to Las Vegas started having sex in front of other passengers. On being questioned by the authorities, they claimed to ‘just couldn’t control themselves’! (Edited By: Rashmi Mishra).