Two fishermen in northern Australia who went for a crab fishing trip, were left stunned after they found something rather unexpected in the swampy mangroves. To their utter surprise, they stumbled upon a naked man who was found clinging to trees over a crocodile-infested swamp.Also Read - Naked Man Rollerblades on Highway Wearing Only a Giant Panda Mask, Video Goes Viral | Watch

The incident happened on Sunday, when fishermen Kevin Joiner and Cam Faust heard cries for help, as they set crab traps on the outskirts of the northern city of Darwin. “We heard this faint like ‘ahhh, ahhhh’ — (I said) to me mate ‘is that guy saying help?’ so we got a bit closer and said ‘I can see you’,” Faust told Australia’s 9News.

Voskresensky, told the fishermen that he was on his way to a New Year’s Eve party 4 days earlier and got lost. He further told them that he survived by eating snails and had used his clothes “for bits and pieces over the way.”

”He had a nest made up in the tree, and he was only laying a metre above the water and there were crocs in the water so he has done well to survive.Once we had seen how bad he was and how many cuts he had all over him and he was dehydrated and pretty weak … we thought we had better get him in the boat,” Joiner said.

They helped the man into their boat and gave him a beer while Faust gave him his shorts.

However, it later turned out that Luke was actually on the run from police after being freed on bail after facing multiple charges including armed robbery and aggravated assault. Once the trio reached the hospital, police placed him under arrest for allegedly skipping bail. He was remanded and is scheduled to appear before court on 9 February.