New Delhi: After Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, seems like Vijay Rupani has also embarked on a name-changing spree as the Gujarat CM has decided to rename dragon fruit as ‘Kamalam’. According to the CM, the word dragon for the fruit sounded inappropriate and so the Gujarat government had decided for the fruit to be called as Kamalam.Also Read - Dragon Fruit to be Renamed as 'Kamalam' by Gujarat Government. But Why?

“We have applied for the patent of the Dragon fruit to be called Kamalam. But as of now, we the Gujarat government have decided to call the fruit as Kamalam. Even though the fruit is known as dragon fruit, it doesn’t sound appropriate. The word Kamalam is a Sanskrit word and the fruit does have the shape of the lotus, so we have decided to call it Kamalam, and there’s nothing political about it,” CM Rupani said.

According to Rupani, the fruit has long since been grown as a form of cactus in the country. “Nobody has to be alarmed by the word Kamalam,” Rupani added.

Well, soon after the news broke, the internet has exploded with memes and jokes, with many trolling the Gujarat government for the ‘ridiculous’ decision. One user sarcastically wrote,”Another masterstroke to reach 5 trillion economy.”

Here are some of the best reactions:

Notably, lotus is the symbol of the BJP and the state BJP headquarters in Gandhinagar is also named ‘Shri Kamalam’.

The Dragon fruit is mostly imported from South America.