Washington, June 9: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed US Congress and delivered one of his best speeches at Capitol Hill. During Narendra Modi’s speech in US Congress, the House of Representatives stood up in standing ovation on eight occasions after being impressed by his statements. In his 45-minute-long speech, Narenrda Modi spoke on a range of issues. Also Read - 10 Years Later, How Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Banks on PM Modi to Win Assembly Elections

PM Modi stressed on deeper and stronger relation between India and United States on security co-operation. He praised the founding fathers and principles of both India and America. Modi took on Pakistan and accused the neighbour country of harbouring, nurturing terrorism to use it for geopolitical gains. Modi’s remark on state-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan received with an applause by the senators. (ALSO READ: Narendra Modi slams Pakistan during his address to US Congress: ‘Terrorism harboured, nurtured in our neighbourhood’) Also Read - PM Modi to Launch Seaplane Service From Ahmedabad to Statue of Unity (Kevadia) Today in Major Push to India's Tourism

Sending out a stern message to those questioning the infringement of religious freedom in India, Modi reiterated that India is committed to provide the freedom to choose and propagate any faith, irrespective of one’s background. Praising the U.S. for turning barriers into bridges of partnership, he said that America had stood with India when the support was needed the most, like when terrorists attacked Mumbai in November 2008 and in other economic endeavours as well. Also Read - Modi Confident Reforms in Past Months Will Boost Manufacture & Agriculture; Says Everyone to Get Vaccine Shots

Watch the entire speech of Narendra Modi in US Congress below: