Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose an extremely important topic for his March 2017 Mann Ki Baat. PM Modi, whose monthly conversations have become a huge success, shared his thoughts on mental health illness and depression. The Indian Prime Minister urged people in India to come out and speak up about their battle with depression. Narendra Modi who highlighted various achievements of various movements like the reach of BHIM App, digitalisation in India also spoke about the brave hearts Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.Also Read - Delhi to Dehradun in Just 2.5 Hours: How This New Expressway Will Curtail Travel Time Between 2 Cities | Deets Inside

Towards the end of his speech, he shared his thoughts on depression and mental illness. The topic was chosen because World Health Organisation (WHO) has made depression and mental illness the focus of this year. On speaking about the cause of depression, PM Modi said, “The problem is that we are unable to comprehend it even amongst those around us fully, and perhaps we also hesitate to talk about it openly, with our family and friends. The person suffering from depression too doesn’t speak out himself as he feels a sense of shame about it.” Also Read - No Lockdown, But Vaccination: Here's What WHO Suggests to Battle New Covid Variant Omicron

PM Modi also spoke about the importance of talking about depression and why the expression is always needed. The Prime Minister spoke very sensibly on this delicate topic and encouraged people to seek help from friends, family and also opt for medical help. “I want to tell my countrymen, that depression is not incurable. There is a need to create a psychologically conducive environment, to begin with. The first mantra is the expression of depression instead of its suppression,’ the PM said. The Prime Minister also highlighted how depression is the root of various other mental illnesses. Also Read - Omicron Variant Has Potential To Create COVID Third Wave In India, Top Scientist Makes Startling Claim

The Prime Minister also asked people of India to help each other and talk about their emotional turmoils. “Depression can be overcome. We all can play a role in helping those suffering from depression overcome it,” Modi told the people of India. He ended his speech with a beautiful message on how connecting with others and serving them selflessly will help in shedding the weight oppressing our heart and mind.