New Delhi: As plastic pollution in water bodies continues to wreak havoc to the water environment and ecosystem, many people are becoming cautious these days and doing as much possible to safeguard the quality of the living environment. Also Read - Here's How Constant Exposure To Pollution Can Lead To Heart Problems

And, to mark an instance of such effort, a man named Chandra Kishore Patil from Indiranagar area of Maharashtra’s Nashik has been spotted guarding the river Godavari and stopping people from throwing garbage into the river. The story about Patil was shared by an IFS officer named Swetha Boddu on Saturday and since then, the tweet has not only gone viral but Patil has been earning praises all over the internet for his simple yet highly beneficial deed. Also Read - Saving The Environment: Pune Woman Turns Scrap Tyres Into Beautiful & Eco-Friendly Footwear

The pictures shared by IFS Officer Boddu shows Patil standing on the bridge with a whistle in his hand as a large number of plastic bags lie beside him on the ground. Here’s the tweet Boddu shared: Also Read - Despite Pollution And Growing COVID Cases, Delhi Ranked Among World's Best Cities of World For 2021

Speaking to Hindustan Times, Patil said that he lives in a society near the river and has been stopping people from polluting the waterbody during the festival season for the past five years. He said that, he decided to take a stand after he noticed that with every passing year, the water becomes filthier as people dispose of their waste in the river after festivities.

Patil said, “I’ve been doing this every year for five years now. And will continue doing this till my health permits. The accumulated waste then gets collected by the municipality and taken away to a separate dump yard.”

“I stand beside the river from morning till 11 pm at night with a whistle and alert people not to throw garbage in the river. Many behave rudely with me, but I still pursue them not to do such things,” he added.

On being asked, how he deals with the resistance from people, Patil said that he fills bottles with the river water and asks the people to take a sip from it and when they refuse, he makes them aware of the severe pollution in the river.

With many netizens lauding Patil’s noble initiative single-handedly, a comment from IFS Officer Boddu post read, “Thanks for sharing positive information. Thanks to Mr. Patil too working selflessly for Noble cause and awareness.”