In many countries in the world including India, girls face a lot of issues. From female infanticide to gender inequality to sexual abuse, there is no dearth of issues. To curb these menaces, there is need of awareness on the importance of girl child and for the same, every year on January 24 in India people celebrate National Girl Child day. The main aim of the day to bring to light the menaces faced by girls in our country and also to create awareness about the rights that every girl has in India. The day marks the significance of the daughters India and on this day people promote the importance of girl education, health and also to promote how people should discourage sex selection. To mark the same, netizens took to social media sites to celebrate the day. Some raised their voice against menaces faced by girls while some highlighted their importance and their accomplishments in society. Also Read - UN Chief Cites 'Horrifying Global Surge In Domestic Violence', Urges Countries to Protect Women

National Girl Child Day 2018: Facts And Objectives Behind The Initiative

National Girl Child Day 2018: Facts And Objectives Behind The Initiative

“Saluting the strengths, skills & achievements of the girl child on National Girl Child Day,” said one of the Twitter users. “Protect and promote the rights and interests of our girls,” said another. PM Modi also took to Twitter to post on the national girl child. He wrote: “We salute the skills, strengths and fortitude of the girl child.  We are proud of the accomplishments of the girl child in various fields. #NationalGirlChildDay. Here is the tweet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Also Read - Watch | Punjab Police Urges Women to Make Men Do the Household Chores Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Here are some tweets by netizens:

Beti hai toh kal hai

She is a flower, not a thorn

One of the most powerful forces

They are our pride

Let’s celebrate the girl child

They are beautiful and powerful too

Girls are sign of God

What a lovely poem

Every year government comes up with various schemes and programs on this day to empower girl child. Campaigns like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao have started but still, there is a need for more effective schemes and campaigns to mobilize people and the same will get every girl child a rightful place in society and more opportunities to grow.