National Girl Child Day is celebrated in India every year on January 24. It was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Government of India in 2008, with the purpose to spread awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society. In a country like India, girls face a lot of issues. From female infanticide to gender inequality to sexual abuse, there is no dearth of issues. To curb these menaces, there is a need for awareness on the importance of girl child and for the same, every year on January 24 in India people celebrate National Girl Child Day. Also Read - International Day of The Girl Child 2019: Know This Year's Theme, Significance And Everything You Need to Know, Twitterati Extends Their Wishes

The main aim of the day to bring to light the menaces faced by girls in our country and also to create awareness about the rights that every girl has in India. The day marks the significance of the daughters India and on this day people promote the importance of girl education, health and also to promote how people should discourage sex selection. To mark the same, netizens took to social media sites to celebrate the day. Some raised their voice against menaces faced by girls while some highlighted their importance and their accomplishments in society. Also Read - National Girl Child Day 2018: Twitterati Is Sharing Beautiful Tweets And Wishes

Twitterati extends their wishes on National Girl Child Day: