A video of a bird capturing a large, shark-like fish in its claws and flying away has gone viral on social media, evoking the interests of citizens. The video shows a large hawk-like bird flying over the shore of Myrtle Beach in California with a large fish struggling to get free.Also Read - Migratory Ibis Bird Collapses at Reception of PM House in Delhi Due to Exhaustion And Dehydration, Rescued

The twitter handle @trackingsharks shared the fascinating video with the caption, ”Anyone knows what type of bird this is and is it holding a shark?” The tweet asked people to help identify the bird as well as the fish.

As per reports, the footage was captured by Tennessee resident Ashley White, with an iPhone from the 17th floor of an apartment building. Watch it here:

While the species of the fish has yet not been confirmed, many were convinced that it was a shark, while many noticed the V-shape of the tail and guessed that it might have been a mackerel.

However, when it came to the killer bird, there was consensus among users that it was an Osprey.

A user wrote, “Definitely an Osprey – it takes a lot of power to lift up some of the large fish out of the water the way they do – amazing birds.”

Here are other reactions: