A video of an eagle flying off with a drone has gone viral on social media, leaving netizens amused. The video starts with footage taken from the drone as it’s being flown above an unidentified beach. Moments later, an eagle appears out of nowhere , grabs the drone and flies off with it. The 37-second video which is being widely shared online, shows the drone filming a beach and moving towards the shore. However, quite unexpectedly, an eagle swoops in and flies away with it, capturing the footage below. From there on, we get a little shaky footage, as the eagle’s shadow and wings can be seen in the video.Also Read - Modi Government Approves Indian Navy proposal to Buy 10 Shipborne Drones

“Eagle plucks a drone out of the sky and flies off with it,” the video is captioned.

Watch the video here:

Since being shared, the video has gone viral, amassing more than 120 K views and 415 retweets.  A user commented “Literally a Birds eye view while another wrote, “Nature 1 – Technology 0. You can’t mess with nature!  It wins every time.”

”Reminds me of the scene in the movie, The eagles are coming, the eagles are coming,” read another comment.

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After all the commotion, the video was quickly recovered by its owner, who added some stabilisation to the video before sharing it with the world. The owner of the drone and the footage itself has yet to be identified.

Ever witnessed such an incident?